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This product is made of aluminum, is impermeavel and shockproof. Using Q5 Luxeon lamp that lasts upto 100.000 hours led. Battery life is 180 minutes on charge full and can be recharged up to 500 times. The techniques are officially approved
To ensure safety, our products are firmly wired and comes with two chargers, the smaller AC adapter bivolt and the DC 12V car that provides most convenience. Possesses zoom 1 the 2000X
The flashlight features 3 big functions luminous which are: high intensity, low intensity and Strobo.


Made from aluminum class a lightweight and compact.
Beam adjustable focus zoomable 1-2000x.
Light color: white
Battery life: 3 hours
Life charge: 3 hours
SOS strobe.
Led tactical.
Lamp with 100,000 hour long.
Beam Light 800 lumens power.
Beam adjustable telescope.
Measures the product: (A * L * W) 3,5x3,5x14cm
Weight: 156g.
1 month warranty against manufacturing defect

Care and indications:
-Do not look directly into the light
-Non fiddling with the head torch or separate the reflector and the bulb
-Wipe flashlight with soft fabric after use
-Silicone lubricant can be applied the interface
-Remove the battery case not be in use for a long period and keep in place dry
-Avoid direct sunlight
To use the battery box, just put the battery and tighten high screws coverwith. When the socket is connected the red color indicates that the charging is in progress, when the light stay green indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Content in packaging

1-tactical flashlight.
1-battery 26650.
1-charger bivolt.
1-car charger.